Gallerie 88 is a media and lifestyle company that engages in the development and distribution of content, events, and products focused on Black art, luxury fashion and high-end design. Gallerie 88 is the go-to-guide for Black luxury living with purpose.

Alex Delotch Davis

“My mission is to create temples of Blackness as visions of excellence.” 

Alex Delotch Davis is a marketing and public relations executive who has built her career on a passion for luxury, art and fashion. In 2018, she founded Gallerie 88 to provide an expansive and inclusive voice in the luxury lifestyle market.
Through Gallerie 88, Delotch Davis aims to broaden the global point of view on what luxury can be and from where it can originate.

Whenever you are creating beauty around you,

you are restoring your own soul.

Alice Walker

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